About Us

Efflorescence is in a perpetual process of blossoming. We are a Los Angeles based performance collective dedicated to the collaborative process, social engagement, community outreach, and the creation of a quarterly interdisciplinary arts happening: Prism. Prism is a platform for professional and emerging contemporary artists to share work without creative restrictions in a safe, inviting, and immersive space. We do not perform for an audience we perform with them.  By questioning the fundamentals of our individual art forms we aim to transgress and recreate a more harmonious exchange between the involved participants in attendance.  We are Efflorescence.

The Core:

Stephen Beitler grew up in musical theatre on the East Coast.  Acting, singing, and dancing from the time he could crawl onto the stage and wave at the audience.    Coming from a background in circus arts, competitive gymnastics, martial arts, company dancer, and delving deep into his yoga practice and education of others has created a truly unique artist.  His work is often described as “therapy” for the senses… Credits highlights include HBO, LA Opera, Hollywood Fringe, Lightning in a Bottle, Actor’s Studio, Kodak Theatre, Regional Theatre, Shakespeare in the Park, Bootleg Theater, Carolina Ballet Company,  to name a few.  This diverse background gives him a unique performance presence and desire to create art in all its forms.


Jeremy Hahn possesses an extensive background in the performing and visual arts. Hahn is an active choreographer, performer, and educator of dance and movement improvisation based in Los Angeles. He is an award-winning choreographer who creates contemporary dance and performance art for professionals and pre-professionals performing artists.  As an international performing artist he has appeared in works by: The Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Australia’s Strange Fruit, David Dorfman Dance, Loretta Livingston, Lucent Dossier Experience, Invertigo Dance Theatre, Efflorescence and many others.  He received his Masters of Fine Arts in Dance from California State University, Long Beach where he was the recipient of the Distinguished Achievement in Creativity Award.  Currently he is on faculty teaching dance at Cal Poly Pomona and Santa Ana College.  He possesses considerable experience and knowledge inspiring performing artists and contributing to the field of dance through his teaching, research, and performance.

1525083_10152083220749462_256416292_nAlison Hart is a dance educator, choreographer and performance artist based in Long Beach, California.  She holds an MFA in Dance from California State University, Long Beach and a BFA in Dance Education from Arizona State University.  Alison is currently on faculty teaching dance at California State University Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona, Santa Ana College and Renaissance High School for the Arts.  She is one of the founding members of Efflorescence, a collective of performance artists making multidisciplinary work in Los Angeles.  Alison previously resided in Tucson, AZ where she was a member of Zuzi Dance Company from 2005-2011, artistic director of Many Limbs Youth Company from 2007-2011, and taught dance at a fine arts middle school from 2005-2011.  Alison has performed notable works by Bill T. Jones and Doug Varone and has also had the pleasure of working with Carol McDowell, Keith Johnson, Jeremy Hahn, Nanette Robinson, Beth Braun, Andrew Vaca, Carly Conder, Marguerite  Derricks, Wes Veldink, Dance Arizona Repertory Theatre, and Flam Chen Circus Arts.

10385302_760809155336_8940232177271649027_nEric Pham is a performing composer who received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production from Cal Poly Pomona and his Master of Music in Composition from The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSULB.

Beginning as a performer, Eric takes the hands-on approach to composition, typically involved in the live performances of his own works. Whether playing guitar, singing, playing arpeggione (bowed guitar), and/or sculpting sound through the use of Max/MSP or other sound-manipulation devices, Eric’s participation in bringing his work to life is a large part of what makes his sound unique and captivating.

With an eclectic career thus far–having played in groups ranging from rock bands to classical ensembles, engineered and produced albums from both Pop and Art genres, and received an education through apprenticeships under renowned record producers as well as through earning a Master of Music degree in Composition–Eric has infiltrated, and been influenced by, both Popular Music and Art Music. With his current works, Eric draws upon all of these influences to blur the lines that divide the two realms, creating new potential for musical and artistic experiences.

The Efflorescence Family:

We are blessed to work with this ever expanding community of artists and who shine with us along this creative journey.

Sofia Klass, Michelle ‘Star’ LaVon, Ceci Castelblanco, Kelci Hahn, Peter Yates + Ensemble Fret, Craig Shields, Joshua Michael DC, Kathryn Shuman, Ariane Labyrinth, Angela Lopez, Jay Carlon, Jeanne Hahn, Ashley Dani Yousefivand, Monilade Walker, Lisa Wahlander, Sinnamon Carbone Hauser, Pamela Clare Wylie Samuelson, Jodie Mashburn, Adam Yasmin, Brenda Carsey and The Awe, Branden and James, Leah Parrent, Jane Brucker, Tom Beaty, Lara H Terstenjak, Missing Shades of Blue, Invertigo Dance Theatre, Gregory R.R. Crosby, Ally Voye, Maggie Boles, Kaija Rose Hansen, Dillan Harris, Svetlana Dekic, Suniel Fox, Thadeus Reed, Roger Rojas, Katie Powers-Faulk, Andrew Pedroza, Ruby Chase, Kasey Rose, Gayle M Fekete, Jennifer Gerry,  Amber Hauss, Ashley Allen, Long Beach Laptop Ensemble, Regina Rainwater, Cloie Taylor, Milosz Karubin, Diana Barber Wallace, Thadeus Reed, Christian Fajardo, Kate Andrews, Chun-Ning Chang, Blake Dellinger, and the Efflorescence community performers